What to do When schools put pressure on your child ?

        Is your child school a pressure-cooker school ?

        So we’re going  to talk about a huge problem…The pressure of school on the lives of parents and children. Some parents are saying “we are actually okay that our child scores whatever she can,but the school is constantly pressurizing us to make her study study in school better, how can we just avoid it ? we can’t “ this post is for those mothers and fathers, whose parenting is being disturbed or negatively affected because of how school is pushing the child too much. It’s a real problem today children get a lot of homework,tests are happening way too often,marks of every small test accumulate towards the final result making it high-stake.To keep up with it,parents put their child in tuitions, then tuition teacher hands out their own homework and tests,many schools now offer those column badges so that the academically talented kid can never dare to relax, teachers add fuel to the fire by calling parents to PTMs and sending them back with horror about how their child is descending into darkness.

       This is the pressure cooker created by schools.Many parents actually think it’s a good thing,but many parents feel stuck.So can we do ? the answer is : YOU NEED TO DEVELOP THE COURAGE OF DETACH YOURSELF FROM EVERYTHING AND THINK ON YOUR OWN.That won’t be easy to do.So here are some ideas that will help.you must understand that your agenda,your goals in life are different from the school’s agenda. Schools are in competition with other schools,a pressure cooker school,is trying to have the best results from students,so they can advertise in newspapers that their school produced more CBS in toppers than the other pressure-cooker schools. These schools are not exactly worried about the health and mental health of your child.These schools are not spending time thinking about how your family members can love one another.These schools do not care whether your child learns to make good friends or not. By the way, we should say : “ CAN NOT “ instead of “ DO NOT “ .

     These schools cannot worry for your child,cannot think,cannot care for your child.Because the system is not designed that way,actually it’s not their fault either.I mean it is a little bit,but they are also victims of a high-pressure system.It’s not like teachers principals and directors are having the time of their life,while they put you in this pressure cooker.No,they jump right with you,their lives are miserable too.but just because they don’t have the courage to change the system,doesn’t mean you will continue to go with the flow and be a victim. Remember this,you should not let schools decide how your child should spend the day,your child was not born to just fulfill their school membership with flying colors.

     School is one part of life,not everything.what’s the core purpose of school ? what is the school reallyoffering to society at the deepest level ? a human goes in, learns to read and write,learns to do some basic calculations and get some ideas about how the world works. in addition to that,we hope that when the human goes on to study something more in detail,during higher education, they are able to make sense of it because of the schooling. All of this is not that big of a deal.We have created such elaborate,high stake, over-involved systems to do those simple things.It’s not necessary,you will not be able to stand up to schools if you don’t develop your own philosophy about education,your own philosophy of what is good for your child.You need to develop the courage to step out of the herd and focus on what’s really important,you cannot really change the whole education system,but you can change how you respond to it.

     When your school puts pressure on your child,let them ! it’s okay,you just make sure you don’t team up with them.Instead of adding stress to your child’s life,you become the balancing force.You help them relax and that can be wonderful for your child,on one hand,they do demanding system that pushes them, on the other it will be you encouraging them to relax AND focus on other things in life that are important. That’s balanced parenting.Wisdom is about finding that balance,if one area of life is given too much importance,you intentionally try to shift the focus on other things.You’ll need a lot of courage for this,you’ll probably need to stand up to teachers,to the principal,to your own partner to your in-laws,to even your relatives but that’s exactly why it must be done.They have joined the herd and it’s not like they are very happy with their own lives.So,no need to follow them blindly.

      Take feedback from others not pressure !!