How to Spend Time With Your Children ?

In this post, we have six easy activities for you to do with your children, to motivate you or encourage you to spend intentional time with your child or children each day. We all get so caught up in all of the things we have going on, and at the end of the day, we just feel guilty of looking at our children and realizing that they were in the house with us all day but we didn’t really spend that much quality time with them, helping them learn and grow and just seeing how the world works.

So here are six easy ways for you to spend intentional time with your child :

1.Sensory activity:

Take some contact paper and put it sticky side up on a table or the floor or anywhere. And then take some colored paper and cut it into squares or whatever shape you want, and then have them like sticky part of the contact paper, they can make a design, they can peel it off, put it back on. They like the stickiness of it as they get older. They’ll get really into like building the design for it, it’s just kind of like “oh cool this is sticky I can peel this off“.

2. Playing with them :

Play with them with any of the toys that they have, but specifically with blocks, to see the developmental capabilities that she has with them. and how she’s grown with them from just kind of throwing them out of the bag to now actually trying to put them together and build things.

3. Read with them:

This one might seem really obvious, but we easily forget that we should read with our children. Most parents read right before bed but even more time than that. There is no such thing as too much reading, make your child spend hours reading books.Even if they’re only 21 months, they’ll already recognize things from their favorite stories and telling you what they are. If you only know how important that is for your child’s future development.

4.Teach them to clean:

Teach them to clean, and help them to love to clean. Just start by giving them rags and let them wipe down where you spray, you can even make a little spray bottle for them. It is even to the point where they will take a wet wipe and wipe down areas on their own when they’re playing, because they see mom doing it, so they think it’s cool and they want to do what you’re doing. Let them get part of the everyday tasks that you need to get done.

5.Having a dance party:

Having a dance party, turn on some music let them dance, show them how to dance, they’ll really enjoy it and it’s free and easy.






Children like to color by themselves, but they’ll love it even more when you’re coloring with them. You can help them learn how to color and help them learn that you only tell them in the book, to let them learn by themselves. They love to just color and playing paper with pencils that you have at your house.It really helps them with their motor skills and they can start to learn their colors and they really just enjoy that bonding time if you’re sitting there with them.