How Narcissists Can Affect our children Children ?

The most damaging thing that can happen to our children, is to have a narcissistic parent and a victimized toxic parent. Because both parents are incredibly absent, and unavailable emotionally. And what a lot of those parents don’t realize, is that in that victimizing state, they are controlling their children in toxic ways, and it pushes children away. Moreover, it really significantly runs the risk of that child being alienated from them by the narcissist.

So parents that have gone through narcissistic abuse. We really have to understand that, it is our greatest mission for ourselves and for our children to heal our traumas and to be able to come out of this in an uplevel way in order to be able to be healthy for our children. Because we can’t fix or heal our children if we haven’t healed ourselves, we can’t lead where we haven’t gone ourselves, and this is one of the biggest issues that parents face.

Narcissistic abuse teaches us a very very important fact about life, which is that nothing we try to create from negative emotion works. And if we think about anything in our life that comes from a place of trauma or panic, fear, pain,  dishevelment, whatever we’re trying to do doesn’t work. And this is from the simplest thing to the most important thing, which is trying to help our children. We’ve got to deal with an uplevel our emotions, to be able to have any sort of positive impact on our children or anything that we’re trying to do.

As parents, we really should care about healing for our children, to empower and integrate theme, so their future generations can be better, rather than this incredible epidemic of what’s happening with people that are not self partners. So we should stop here, and it needs to be with ourselves.

The narcissistic abuse teaches us that, we are a creator and we’re creating through emotion. So that means that we’ve gotta tend to emotion first to be able to show up in the field and it is a quantum field. Everything’s connected in a way that’s going to change the results, because if we’re coming from trauma and negative feelings, then we’re going to get more disintegration in the results.

On that topic that we’re feeling disintegrated about, which is our children, Don’t try to take action from a place of trauma in your body and in your emotions. Because when we do that, narcissus come out trumps every single time.

If you’re co-parenting or any situation could be a situation like this, You’re right in all of the co-parenting, and even custody battles and the most awful stuff is that :

  1. every single time parents are doing the work in their own body on their own traumas, that already has an effect on their kids
  2. when we get the terror and the pain and the fear out of our emotional resonance about our children, and we start feeling and seeing them a different way, they rise up into that.

A lot of parents don’t do the work on themselves and stay victims who try to sort out their kids and stop the narcissist in them. And all the drama and the trauma and the victimization that goes on. It is the most terrible combination for your children, and you really have to stop doing it. Parents should really lead the way here because our children need us to do this to stop these cycles and break those patterns. We hope that this was really helpful for you to get serious about this.